Thursday, September 8, 2011

'Steamlust' animated film released!

Nikki Magennis has created a terrific short animated film promoting a steamy new anthology of steampunk erotica titled "Steam Lust". The film is equal parts cheeky and charming, and is slightly NSFW due to some of the naughty bits.

I especially enjoyed the caravan at 1:00. There's so much going on. I love how the trapeze artists get… stuck. :)

I was honored that she chose my song Marrakesh off the album Bring the Rain for the soundtrack. She uses it to wonderful effect.

The film was put together using paper cut outs and a light table. For a detailed look into how the film was made, visit Nikki's blog at: One look at her workstation gives you an idea of just how much work was put into this.

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